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The Mayflower Artist Spotlight Series (M.A.S.S.) is a partnership between local Massachusetts artists and Mayflower Medicinals, a registered Medical Marijuana Treatment Center. M.A.S.S. provides a platform for local qualifying artists to showcase their art by designing packaging for select Mayflower products as well as in-store displays.


The Mayflower Artist Spotlight Series is part of the broader Positive Impact Plan, a set of company initiatives that positively impact communities that have been disproportionately affected by cannabis prohibition. This program empowers qualifying individuals with an interest in graphic design, packaging art, or branding. Featured artists integrate their passion for art with the real-world experience of working with Mayflower Medicinal’s marketing, compliance, and operations teams. For every product unit sold within the M.A.S.S. series, $1 is donated towards Unbound Visual Arts, a local organization dedicated to supporting local artists.

Current Artist Spotlight

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-Jonathan ‘diNo’ DiNapoli

Jonathan ‘diNo’ DiNapoli is a local Boston born (and raised) artist who embraces creativity in a wide array of forms. When he was younger, he built and invented things in his dad’s workshop and wrote 3 books totaling 1000+ pages. For 25 years he has played guitar for the band Irepress, touring America and Europe several times, performing and recording many unique songs. While enjoying all art forms, diNo now focuses on the visual arts, combining his knowledge and experience into a life-long passion and mission. After years of teaching art to all age groups, he became an Anchor Artist at the Patriots Place Artists Studio and Gallery in Foxboro where his art can be seen and purchased. In 2018, diNo formed the SAVE eARTh 501c3 public charity dedicated to using art as a means of Positive Change worldwide. DiNo’s website,, was started in 2002 and now includes over 400 videos from his YouTube channel of the same name which continues to rise in popularity while pushing the boundaries of human thought and creativity. His artworks of immense detail in a variety of mediums are designed to make the viewer think about the infinite miracles and mysteries that surround us, promoting a feeling of happiness, and encouraging everyone to learn about the world on the path of enlightenment and righteousness.

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“I wanted to envision a glimpse into an Abstract and Geometric Triangular Travelling technique... A visionary way for the Power of the Trinity to Travel through space and time with ease. And here it is... An interconnected ’subway’ of inter dimensional travel celestially known as the Trinity Express. It can also be seen as a closeup of a pathway or vein of a robotic/mechanical being whose source of life is microscopic and triangular in nature, flowing effortlessly in a perpetual loop through the system, providing it with life. Whatever system this represents, it can often be seen in the closed eye visual realm inspired by the Power of the Trinity Express. Hop on board, hold on, and Embrace everything that comes your way.”

-Jonathan ‘diNo’ DiNapoli

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