Mayflower Artist Spotlight Series In Massachusetts Showcases Emerging Artists On Cannabis Labels

Mayflower Medicinals, located in Boston’s Boston-Brighton Neighborhood, has come up with an innovative way to meet some of Massachusetts’ Social Equity Program requirements. In May 2020, Mayflower Medicinals, which is based in Maryland and operates a cannabis cultivation facility in Holliston, launched its Mayflower Artist Spotlight Series (M.A.S.S.) as part of its broader Positive Impact Plan.

The Social Equity Program was developed in 2018 to encourage people from communities disproportionately harmed by the biased enforcement of marijuana prohibition laws to participate in Massachusetts’ legal marijuana industry. As part of M.A.S.S., Mayflower employs young artists living in Massachusetts cities and towns that fall under the state’s Social Equity Program guidelines. The program also includes a community garden initiative, plus a fellowship that offers participants job training in the cannabis industry.

For three months at a time, each participating artist creates limited-edition packaging designs for the company’s cannabis products. The artists are paid for their work and are also featured on bio cards displayed at the dispensary as well as featured on Mayflower’s website and social media feeds. Bio cards given out to customers who buy products with the artists’ custom labels include a professional headshot of each artist along with a brief description of their background, influences, and work.


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